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Barry Plant partners with online conveyancing partner in real estate revolution

Media releases
07 May 2020
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The ability to adapt to new challenges has never been as important to the real estate industry as it is right now. We haven’t seen challenges to the property market like this before, but the smart players are adapting – fast.

Today, Barry Plant and online conveyancing experts Settle Easy announce an important partnership.

Together, they have been working for 18-months to transform the conveyancing industry, making it easier, safer, more transparent and convenient than ever before.

The legal process of transferring property from one owner to another sounds simple enough, but it’s highly technical and complex. Traditionally, things can and do go wrong making the process incredibly time-consuming and stressful.

The Settle Easy platform uses technology to solve the problems of traditional conveyancing while providing a reliable, affordable and easy to use process. Their secure platform enables greater transparency for customers who will have complete visibility of the process from beginning to end.

It’s simple to register to use the platform at and anyone buying or selling a property can use it.

The platform is serviced by a community of expert conveyancers who understand the needs of their customers and who pride themselves on the quality of service and professionalism they provide.

Barry Plant CEO, Mike McCarthy is excited about the partnership.

Sam Almaliki, CEO of Settle Easy believes that their advanced technology will change the way that Australians do conveyancing. “The whole process is automated, secure and streamlined. Buyers and sellers can see exactly where they are in the process and be assured that their transaction is on-course for completion.”

Media releases
07 May 2020
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