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Barry Plant Property Managers rock.

Barry Plant CEO expresses gratitude to Property Managers on their special day

By Nigel O’Neil, CEO, The Barry Plant group

It’s National Property Managers day and while our Property Managers do an exceptional job every day of the year, today I’d like to formally thank all of them for their endeavours over the past 12 months.

Property Management is a role that needs people with unique skills. They are always walking a line between their duty to their residential property providers to provide them with a return, and the needs of their renters in having a place to live that affords them “quiet enjoyment.” And that requires a special sort of wisdom, character and resilience. They have the livelihoods of Investors on one hand and the lives of families on the other.

They need to be highly systemised, efficient and knowledgeable about the volumes of relevant legislation. They work in a role that can be emotionally challenging and in these times of minimal vacancies, the pressure is no doubt significant.

Without their consistent hard work, we wouldn’t have the reputation we do for excellence.

We value each and every one of them and we appreciate all that they do.