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Barry Plant Rowville places in the REB’s Top 50 Australian Sales Offices 2021

28 January 2021
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Barry Plant Rowville have achieved a remarkable feat by placing on one of real estate’s most exclusive national lists - REB’s Top 50 Australian Sales Offices of 2021.

Now in its ninth year, the annual REB Top 50 Sales Office ranking sets the benchmark in identifying Australia’s top-performing offices. Using a number of indicators, including volume and efficiency levels, the REB Top 50 Sales Offices 2021 sets the standard for the country’s best real estate sales teams.

“Real estate, particularly in Victoria, was very challenging in 2020. I am thrilled for the entire team at Barry Plant Rowville for making one of Australia’s most prestigious real estate lists,” said Mike McCarthy, CEO and Director of the Barry Plant Group. “They achieve amazing results, and while we’re not in this for awards, this is great recognition for all their hard work. It truly is a testament to the culture of the office, and an ethos that very much values putting the client first.”

There are three metrics used to determine the rankings within the REB Top 50 Sales Offices 2021: number of properties sold, total dollar volume of properties sold, and an efficiency rating that is determined by the ratio of sales to support staff.

Barry Plant Rowville placed 27th on the list for results in 2021. This is the 6th year in a row the office has placed on this prestigious list.

“Nothing we did through COVID-19 and lockdown was especially groundbreaking,” said Brenton Wilson, Managing Director of Barry Plant Rowville. “It was very much a case of staying positive, exuding that positivity to our marketplace, and recognising that the periods of lockdown would come to an end and being prepared for when they did. We worked as a true team as we’ve always done,”

“We obviously still adapted to the circumstances, and adopted new digital strategies as most progressive offices did, but I believe it was our mindset, and the way we positively communicated that to our market that kept us in good stead with continued successes.”

Barry Plant Rowville achieved total sales with a value of approx. $220,000,000 with 11 sales agents and three sales support staff.

“Communication was key, and that has always been a strength for our office,” said Brenton Wilson. “We just needed to adapt it to suit the circumstances foisted upon us. Lockdown was particularly problematic, but keeping up our communication with our vendors, prospective vendors, and buyers, and keeping ourselves positive as a team, meant that we were able to fly out of the gates once lockdown ended on Sept 29th. We actually sold 23 properties in the fortnight after lockdown ended!”

28 January 2021
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