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General interest
25 September 2020
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House and land packages are one of the most popular ways for many young Australians to enter the real estate market and fulfil the great Australian dream.

And right now, housing estates across the country are booming, helped in part by some great deals, tax savings and generous state and federal government grants.

But with so many options, making the decision about what house and land package is right for you can be a challenging one.

That’s why OpenLot is such a great service. Every month, OpenLot helps more than 22,000 buyers research house and land options in Victoria with their easy-to-use platform.

We care about our customers from the very first moment they start thinking about buying land packages. We’re thrilled that this partnership means we can offer our customers a comprehensive package that includes easy, convenient and service-driven conveyancing. We like it and we know our customers will too.’ - OpenLot CEO, Qi Chen

The platform guides buyers through the process helping customers make sense of all the options depending on their preferences and budget.

And whether this is your first foray into the property market or not, OpenLot helps consumers discover land estates, master-planned communities and greenfield subdivisions throughout Australia. This one-stop-shop provides comprehensive information about developers, new land releases, settlements and construction updates.

At Settle Easy, we’re always looking for partners who make the process of buying property easier, that’s why we’re so pleased to announce this partnership with OpenLot.

They’ll take care of the front end of the process and we’ll walk their customers step by step through the conveyancing part via our online platform and a team of trusted conveyancers.

‘Businesses that put customers front and centre of the real estate process are an essential part of the Settle Easy wheelhouse. We work hard every day to deliver the very best conveyancing service Australian consumers have ever seen and working with OpenLot’s customers means we’ll be able to help even more people settle easy.’ - Settle Easy CEO, Sam Almaliki

We’ll take the time needed to explain everything, we’ll be available when you need us and we’ll look after your conveyancing needs in a secure, safe and professional way.

Let us, help you - settle easy!

Author: Settle Easy Conveyancing Services

General interest
25 September 2020
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