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Five reasons to sell this autumn

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23 February 2022
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Here's why autumn is the best time to sell your home.

It may be difficult to determine when the best time to sell your home is as there are many factors to consider. Traditionally, people believed spring was the time to sell, as the weather starts to warm, flowers start to blossom, and people emerge from winter.

But, there are reasons to suggest it may not necessarily be the best time to sell. In autumn 2021, Victoria saw a more than 30% increase in the number of properties sold as compared to the previous year and buyer demand was up 51 per cent, according to Real Estate Institute of Victoria data.

The pandemic has caused major disruptions to property buying and selling. There are no more seasons in the real estate market now and autumn is good a time to sell and buy, according to Barry Plant agents.

Here are five reasons to consider selling this autumn:

Fewer listings mean less competition

It’s quality over quantity! Most people wait for the warmer months to list their homes for sale, but with this comes a rush of property stock to the market, providing more choice for buyers. An oversupply of properties can lead to a ‘buyers’ market’ giving them the bargaining power and possibly leading to desperation from sellers to compete and sell for less.

Autumn is a beautiful time of year and there are typically fewer properties on the market, so with less competition from other similar properties, the odds of getting a good price are in your favour.

Remember, buyers are out there all year round!

Christmas frenzy is over

The mad rush in the lead up to Christmas has well and truly passed. While people were scurrying to buy before the end of the year, some may have missed out and have been forced to take a step back and reassess - not interested in the minimal choices of properties on the market. This has allowed for planning, research, and discussions around important decisions. T. They are focused and sure of their real estate plans. The more frenzied selling periods can bring timewasters and buyers who are not ready to commit. With clarity after a few quiet weeks in the property market, serious buyers are now ready, with a few extra months of savings.

New Year resolutions

Most go-getters step into the new year with their goals mapped out and are full of motivation. Ready to kick their goals and cross off the big-ticket items first, like purchasing their first home, or even upgrading. While motivation is at an all-time high in the first few months of the year, you can almost guarantee serious buyers are trawling the market in search of their new house purchase in the autumn months.

Optimal weather and scenery

There is no denying spring is seen as a desirable time to sell because of the warming weather and blossoming flowers. But there is also no denying how picturesque the gardens can look in autumn, as the shades of yellow, red and orange make an appearance down tree-lined streets.


Less distractions

The summer months are a time when most people have their holidays and both sellers and buyers are often away from home. However, from March through May, most people are homebound and available for open inspections in autumn.

Corporate - Home Page
23 February 2022
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