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Barry Plant hosts inaugural Tech Summit to empower its people in the digital age

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09 August 2023
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The Barry Plant Tech Summit, a groundbreaking one-day event designed to introduce its people to the latest tools in the industry, has been a great success.

The event took place on August 1 at Zinc, in the heart of Melbourne at Federation Square.

“The summit provided insights and hands-on tips into how to operate in a world where fast-moving technologies, especially AI, is emerging on a daily basis”, said Barry Plant chief technology officer Darren McCoy.

“There was a great energy and contagious excitement at the event, which was jam-packed with presentations, panels, and a speed-dating type Q&A.

“It was loads of fun, I especially enjoyed all our partner presentations.”

Brought to life in just four weeks off the back of the recent Leadership Conference in Malaysia, the summit had 180 attendees, including people from across Melbourne, regional Victoria and South Australia. Some travelled from as far as Mildura and Adelaide to attend the event.

The Tech Summit was crafted to provide exposure to many real estate-related tech products, including social media, sales and property management, as well as a feature on artificial intelligence and machine learning.

With the rapidly evolving digital landscape impacting the real estate industry, it aimed to empower team members to stay ahead of the game and leverage cutting-edge tools and strategies.

Guest speaker and Domain sales director Ray van Veenendaal presented the Domain digital stack and company vision, which provided a confidence boost.

“Congratulations to Barry Plant on putting the event together. At its core, tech should be there to assist agents in providing trust and confidence to clients, enhancing efficiency and professionalism in transacting property,” Mr van Veenendaal said

“Barry Plant is looking to raise the bar in these areas. Domain is committed to providing best-in-breed technologies for its agents, and to showcase this was a great opportunity during a great day.”

Realtair CEO Peter Matthews described the tech summit as an “inspirational” event.

“(Barry Plant CEO) Lisa and (CTO) Darren have set the path for the BP team to follow - a clear leadership statement on technology execution to enhance the customer relationship,” Mr Matthews said.

“It was a great conference, as the room seemed full of people keen to embrace tech in the right way.”

The remaining lineup of speakers and leading tech partners, including MRI, Reapit, ActivePipe and others, shared their insights and opinions about the use of technology in the sector.

There were discussions and debates around big data, and the use of Google in providing an exceptional customer experience.

The summit also explored customer relationships, CMA tools, AVMs, future robotics, intelligent prospecting, and the best way to employ offshore associates.

The summit’s success will pave the way for future tech events, as Barry Plant remains committed to continuously upskilling and empowering people with the best-in-class tech expertise. And this will ultimately benefit its many clients.

“The event was the first of many of its kind, and after its success, we will be creating bigger and better summits going forward,” Mr McCoy added.

“We believe in our tech and our people, and we want to make a statement as to best use of the many wonderful tools available in the real estate industry.”

Corporate - Home Page
09 August 2023
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