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Meet TenSixty - a rock star real estate app

Home owners
05 July 2022
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Barry Plant, an early adopter of this revolutionary platform

Imagine an app that lets you see videos of thousands of properties for sale - both in Australia and around the world. From short, snappy previews of local properties that have just been signed up for sale to a tour of a £55million London apartment, real estate just got a whole lot more accessible, engaging and fun.

TenSixty gives agents the ability to video a quick tour of a home as soon as it is for sale. No waiting for professional videos to be uploaded to websites - you’ll get a great preview almost as soon as the documents are signed - and that’s a great advantage for sellers and buyers.

At Barry Plant we’ve been working with the developers of TenSixty for quite some time. We wanted it to be the perfect real estate app. To put fun into selling and buying property and also make sure that it works for the serious side - asking questions, wanting to inspect etc.

TenSixty lets our agents put some of their personality into the process. Apart from the interaction the app allows, it’s fun to see how many times you can spot an agent filming the video in a bathroom mirror.

It’s innovative, revolutionary and great fun for anyone who likes looking at properties. It’s also early-bird gold for buyers on the hunt for the perfect home.

To celebrate the launch TenSixty is going to run some pop-up competitions. We’re not sure of the prizes yet, but think “holiday in an exotic location for four” to get an idea of the sort of prizes they are talking about.

For more information about Ten Sixty click here:, or click here to download Ten Sixty from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

You can also check out Ten Sixty on Instagram here.

If you’re thinking of selling, make sure you ask your Barry Plant agent about TenSixty. Not only will it get your property out there sooner, but TenSixty are about to launch the ability for our agents to quickly post the video on important social media apps like Facebook, Tik Tok, YouTube and Instagram, getting your property in front of hundreds, if not thousands, of potential buyers at the swipe of a screen.

Home owners
05 July 2022
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