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Proptech change agents close their $1.5 million Series A in record time

Real estate & property news
28 May 2020
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Piquing the interest of serious investors early in the game and raising $1.5 million in a Series A round is no mean feat for startups. But this is exactly what Settle Easy have done — and they’ve made it look easy.

Australian business giants Gerry Ryan and Elias Jreissati have both tipped significant funds into Settle Easy’s online conveyancing business, confident that they have a sound model and now is the right time to transform the industry.

As they see it, when someone finds a solution to a niggling problem like conveyancing, it just has to be done. And from a business perspective, capital is one thing, but the expertise and business acumen these two bring to Settle Easy is invaluable. 

Their backing signals to others in the property game that we mean business and we’re here to change the industry in a big way and for the better. And it’s the reason we’ve just welcomed a number of significant partnerships that align with our mission to make the whole process of buying and selling property so much easier!

It’s an exciting time for us as we accelerate our growth and expansion plans both nationally and internationally — we have worked hard to build this momentum and we’re not about to slow down anytime soon.

The first part of our plan was to develop a reliable and easy to use platform that solves the problems of traditional conveyancing. This secure and stable platform is entirely transparent and customers now have complete visibility of the process from beginning to end. 

Secondly, we are building a community of trusted conveyancers to guide our customers every step of the way and ensure that they receive the best advice and the most attentive service whenever and wherever it suits them.   

With this significant capital injection into our business, we can now begin the third phase of our plan to expand nationally. It’s time to help the rest of the country settle easy!

‘We can’t wait to build on the initial success of Settle Easy which has only been made possible by having the right people in our corner. In business, Gerry and Elias are respected, successful and generous — we’re so pleased they are backing us on this.’ - Settle Easy co-founder and chair Nick Stanle

‘With the support of forward-looking investors, we look forward to the national and international expansion of Settle Easy. By closing this Series A fast, we can get on with the business of changing conveyancing for the better.’ - Settle Easy, CEO Sam Almaliki

‘As a long-time property developer, I’ve seen first-hand how inefficient and outdated traditional conveyancing has become. What Settle Easy has done is revolutionary and I want to be part of making property transactions easier for our customers and for the industry overall!’ - Elias Jreissati, businessman, property developer and investor  

Real estate & property news
28 May 2020
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