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Record-breaking Wishtober is in sight!

Community Support
25 September 2023
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The Barry Plant Group is gearing up for another special October!

In the spirit of compassion and community, the annual event 'Wishtober'; together with Make-A-Wish Australia create a heartwarming initiative that has been changing lives for nearly a decade.

The cornerstone of Wishtober is the promise that the Barry Plant network will donate a portion of the commission from every property sold in the month of October to Make-A-Wish Australia.

The result? A huge contribution that has amounted to a remarkable sum of nearly $1 million over the past nine years, an inspiring milestone and goal for the network this year.

One of the most touching aspects of this collaboration is the stories of the children whose wishes have been fulfilled. This year, the face of the Wishtober campaign is Oli, a courageous 9-year-old boy from Melbourne who was diagnosed with medulloblastoma. Despite the challenges he faced due to his illness, Oli held on to a special dream that kept him going through his medical treatments – a dream of having his own backyard clubhouse where he could spend fun moments with his friends.

Oli's story is one of resilience, determination and unwavering spirit. With the support of the Make-A-Wish volunteer team, Oli's initial desire for a personal clubhouse evolved into a detailed vision, complete with a table, chairs, game storage, and even a request for a "BOY pink" beanbag. His collaboration with his father on a mood board served as a roadmap for the design team, turning his dream into a beautiful reality.

This clubhouse was more than just a physical structure, it became a symbol of friendship, playfulness and hope. Oli envisioned a space where he and his friends could engage in card games, board games,
PlayStation battles and shared laughter. His wish also extended to a planter box, a touch of beauty that allowed him to proudly display flowers at the entrance.

Oli's wish was a collective effort that highlights the spirit of community. A cubby supplier partnered with Make-A-Wish to provide a 'surfer shed'; while a local painter selflessly donated his time to paint the clubhouse's exterior. Barry Plant, as steadfast partners of the initiative, sponsored the interior of the clubhouse.

Barry Plant unveiled Oli's clubhouse, removing a sign that once announced "Oli's Clubhouse Coming Soon" to proudly displaying "Now Open". Oli's reaction to his completed clubhouse was a testament to the impact of this initiative. From initial quiet amazement to exuberant celebrations, his happiness radiated as he danced and declared his clubhouse officially open.

As the Barry Plant network embarks on this year's Wishtober event, their goal is to reach an inspiring milestone – raising a total of $1 million in funds for Make-A-Wish Australia.

Make-A-Wish Australia has consistently demonstrated its commitment to improving the lives of children facing critical illnesses by granting them life-changing wishes. Over the years, this inspirational organisation has brought smiles, hope and respite to countless young lives. The Wishtober event stands as a shining example of how corporate and community alliances can make a profound difference in the lives of those in need.

Community Support
25 September 2023
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