Chat with us, powered by LiveChatYour house move just got a whole lot easier!

Your house move just got a whole lot easier!

Moving home is a big deal – there’s always so much to think about. That’s why our partners at Settle Easy Conveyancing are always looking to work with other businesses who make the end-to-end process easier.

And while Settle Easy takes care of the conveyancing side of your property transaction with the very best conveyancers and an easy-to-use platform, YourPorter will make everything easier by arranging your utility connections when you move home.

From their point of view, their partnership with YourPorter is a perfect match.

'At Settle Easy we are driven by excellent customer service and we make the conveyancing part of our customer’s property journey as easy as possible. Partnering with YourPorter will make things even better, saving time and reducing stress – together we’ll help our customers settle easy.’ - Settle Easy CEO, Sam Almaliki

Co-founded in 2013 with some of the biggest names in real estate, YourPorter is a business that has gone from strength to strength in the utility connections game.

Real estate groups along Australia’s east coast and in Western Australia have come together to help YourPorter grow and broaden their product offering and customer base.

YourPorter’s completely free services have been custom-designed to make people’s lives easier when they move house.

They work alongside real estate agents and with the customer’s permission will help you arrange all essential connections including electricity, gas, phone, internet, water and even Foxtel.

They can also help their customers with home, contents, health, car, life insurance and now conveyancing!

The greatest advantage of using YourPorter is that all your required utilities are connected at once, through them. You only fill in one quick form and that’s it. YourPorter does the work for you. No need to spend valuable time dealing with multiple suppliers – that’s a big win.

Settle Easy are thrilled to announce their new partnership with YourPorter because any business that puts customers at the centre of what they do in the property game is a friend of ours.

‘Moving house is often ranked in the top five most stressful life events. That’s why whenever we hear about a business making moving house easier, we’re all ears. Partnering with online conveyancing experts, Settle Easy makes perfect sense to us and is a big value-add for our customers and our business.’ - YourPorter CEO, Tony Zarka