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Moving home checklist

What can you do to ensure a stress-free move?

<h2 data-block-key="5198p">We’ve created a handy checklist to help you get organised well in advance of your moving date...</h2>

What can you do to ensure a stress-free move?

<h2 data-block-key="5198p">We’ve created a handy checklist to help you get organised well in advance of your moving date...</h2><h2 data-block-key="9lmdn">4-6 WEEKS BEFORE THE MOVE</h2><p data-block-key="2c2k0">Find a removalist - Barry Plant recommends obtaining three written quotes.</p><p data-block-key="106t9">Organise moving transit insurance.</p><p data-block-key="378ae">Transfer your Home and Contents Insurance to your new home.</p><p data-block-key="9opa5">Arrange kindergarten, school and daycare transfers.</p><p data-block-key="3nk0n">Look at the floor plan of your new home and measure spaces for furniture placement i.e. fridge. Will large items fit through doors?</p><p data-block-key="6vher">Prepare an inventory of items, noting existing scratches and dents, as well as any items requiring special care to move.</p><p data-block-key="4bvp6">Check moving instructions for your washing machine, fridge and other large electrical items with the manufacturer. This information can be found in your instruction manual or on the manufacturer’s website.</p><p data-block-key="bpohp">Use up food, especially open packets and items in the freezer, and dispose of out-of-date items.</p><p data-block-key="crluu">Create a folder or box for important documents and valuables to carry with you on moving day.</p><p data-block-key="fpkvj">Throw away, recycle or donate unwanted items from the garage, shed and under the house.</p><p data-block-key="93o99">Dispose properly of all flammable liquids.</p><p data-block-key="5fhk0">Arrange a rubbish pick-up with the local council or book a skip.</p><p data-block-key="911t6">Schedule any necessary repairs to the interior or exterior of the property.</p><p data-block-key="808p6">Research storage facilities (if needed).</p><p data-block-key="cuvvn">Organise tickets, visas, currency, credit cards and accommodation if travelling overseas.</p><p data-block-key="35kio"></p><h2 data-block-key="48hhb">PACKING YOURSELF</h2><p data-block-key="en0bc">Arrange boxes and packing materials.</p><p data-block-key="3qtcb">Pack and label boxes.</p><p data-block-key="bst1h">Prepare an inventory of items for each box.</p><p data-block-key="3snt">Mark FRAGILE boxes.</p><p data-block-key="7vv6l">Pack lighter items in large boxes and heavier items in small boxes; the heaviest items at the bottom.</p><p data-block-key="4jrr0">Prepare a survival box containing kettle, tea, coffee, breakfast items, towels, bed linen, pet requirements (leads and food), mobile chargers, toilet paper etc.</p><p data-block-key="24pie">Number your boxes and download or draw up a floorplan of your new house and mark where the boxes should go on the floorplan.</p><p data-block-key="t2kj"></p><h2 data-block-key="772dc">2-3 WEEKS BEFORE THE MOVE</h2><p data-block-key="3512b">Take note of the mail you receive and notify relevant authorities of your new address.</p><p data-block-key="ehuor">Consider re-directing your mail with Australia Post.</p><p data-block-key="d075o">Cancel or transfer subscriptions and memberships.</p><p data-block-key="4hhae">Return borrowed or rented items.</p><p data-block-key="37a05">Arrange to move boat, trailer and caravan.</p><p data-block-key="db5fr">Arrange for family or friends to mind children and/or pets on moving day.</p><p data-block-key="96jk8">Fill medical prescriptions.</p><p data-block-key="3esjm">Arrange final readings of gas and electricity meters.</p><p data-block-key="6mu47">If required, arrange time off work to move.</p><p data-block-key="6i50m">Book cleaners.</p><p data-block-key="6c96">Create a handyman kit with tools like Allen keys, screwdrivers, light bulbs etc.</p><p data-block-key="2n1mm"></p><h2 data-block-key="231od">1 WEEK BEFORE THE MOVE</h2><p data-block-key="6huus">Confirm moving details with your real estate agent, removalist and legal representative as required.</p><p data-block-key="ak15i">Water indoor plants lightly and pack into plastic-lined boxes.</p><p data-block-key="365k9">Back-up computer and associated equipment ready for moving.</p><p data-block-key="m77v">Drain fuel from the lawnmower, whipper snippers etc.</p><p data-block-key="9p7ib">If required, arrange access and parking for the removalist&#x27;s truck.</p><p data-block-key="50tht">Create an essentials box with things like remote controls for TV and instructions for reassembly of items.</p><p data-block-key="5mdst">Disassemble furniture - tape any screws in an obvious location or label and place in your essentials box.</p><p data-block-key="5qlos">Check you will have the keys and relevant instructions for your new home on the day of your move.</p><p data-block-key="548cr"></p><h2 data-block-key="a2f4">THE DAY BEFORE THE MOVE</h2><p data-block-key="90b3s">Defrost and empty refrigerators into a portable esky with ice.</p><p data-block-key="93ts4">Pack personal luggage i.e. pyjamas, toiletries and a fresh change of clothes.</p><p data-block-key="6hb6f">Unplug and tie up cords.</p><p data-block-key="b4ukc">Prepare an action plan for moving day.</p><p data-block-key="5m5e9"></p><h2 data-block-key="f8o78">ON THE MOVING DAY</h2><p data-block-key="dcfdj">Have your personal luggage, essentials boxes, survival and handy-man kit on hand.</p><p data-block-key="d8eku">Provide a copy of the floor plan with furniture placement to the removalist.</p><p data-block-key="9viot">Ask the removalist to load kitchen boxes last so they are first off the truck.</p><p data-block-key="alc5r">Ensure gas and electricity metres have been read and house key collection and cleaner has been organised.</p><p data-block-key="9fa9h">Check off the inventory of items as boxes are loaded into the removalist&#x27;s truck.</p><p data-block-key="2sovc">Check the tops of cupboards, garden areas, sheds and garage.</p><p data-block-key="cvvba">Lock all the doors and windows and check the gas, electricity and hot water systems are turned off.</p>


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<h2 data-block-key="de5qg">AFTER MOVING</h2><p data-block-key="8mjb0">Before the removalists leave, check there&#x27;s no obvious damage to any furniture and check the inventory of items to ensure everything is accounted for, and sign documentation if the move is from storage, interstate or overseas.</p><p data-block-key="cnat1">Notify removalists immediately if anything is missing.</p><p data-block-key="8s4q1">Check all utilities are connected, including the hot water system.</p><p data-block-key="4a4gs">Assemble beds and make them up as soon as possible.</p><p data-block-key="93nu6">Check cleaners have been to the old house and inspect the job. If applicable, return keys to the real estate agent.</p><p data-block-key="3c2gl">Contact the local council to find out garbage collection information and register pets if required.</p><p data-block-key="9ncvs">Return boxes to the removalists, sell, recycle or save for your next move.</p><p data-block-key="cjam8">Keep cats inside for a few days to get them used to their new home.</p>

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<p data-block-key="jzhg5">Your local Barry Plant agent can provide you with detailed information and helpful contacts in your neighbourhood to help you settle into the new area faster.</p>