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Renter databases

General interest
02 November 2022
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Applying for a new rental property and want to know if the Rental Provider or Real Estate Agent has access to your previous rental history? Here’s some information you need to be aware of regarding Renter Databases.

What is a renter database?

Formerly known as ‘tenant databases’ (changed to ‘renter databases’ in line with new language as part of changes to the Residential Tenancy Act in 2021), these databases are a paid service that offer Rental Providers and Estate Agents the option to access your previous rental information and history.

These databases have often been referred to as ‘blacklists’, however not everyone who has rented a property will end up on a renter database.

How transparent do rental providers and agents need to be?

Both Rentals Providers and Estate Agents are obligated to inform all potential renters that they are using ones of these databases. This notification is usually included on the rental application and will detail the company names of the databases.

Can your name be removed from a renter database?

If you have been listed on a database, your name will automatically be removed from any database after 3 years (it was previously 7 years). If for whatever reason you have found your information is on a database and do want it removed before 3 years, you may apply to do so through the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT).

Changes can also be made to information found on the databases if there are any errors or discrepancies. You can request the Rental Provider or Estate Agent to contact the specific company to amend this information.

What are the reasons you’ll end up on one of these databases?

A database listing is not always for a negative reason. Estate Agents often list Renters who are exemplary Renters. There are several reasons to be listed, which could include:

  • Non-payment of rent
  • VCAT Order has been obtained
  • Causing damage to the property
  • Using the property for illegal purposes
  • No complying with a VCAT order
  • Sub-letting the property
  • Breaches to the rental agreement

A Renter must be notified by the Estate Agent or Rental Provider with 14 days notice in writing that they are to be listed. This allows the Renter time to make objections, make submissions, or rectify the listing details. A Renter cannot be listed if there were rental defaults during the COVID19 period (March 2020-March 2021) or if the reason is related a domestic or family violence issue.

3BA Interview with Gaile Atkinson

Listen to Gaile Atkinson, Licensed Estate Agent from Barry Plant Real Estate, Ballarat, speaking with Brett Mac on 3BA. – Listen here.

Gaile covers everything you need to know about renter databases, but if you have more questions, we’d love to hear from you. You can reach Gaile on 03 5320 9300, or drop in and say hello, at 806 Sturt St, Ballarat. At Barry Plant, it feels like home!

General interest
02 November 2022
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