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Why Live and Invest in Maryborough

General interest
24 February 2023
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Maryborough is fast becoming one of the most popular places to buy, rent, and invest in in the Victorian Goldfields.

Famed American writer and humourist Mark Twain visited the goldfields town of Maryborough in 1895, and described it as a “…a station with a town attached to it.” Twain was referring to the iconic Maryborough Railway Station, which opened in 1874 and still exists today (thanks to major restorations in 2006-2007). “You can put the whole population of Maryborough into it with a sofa a piece and have room for more,” Twain also mused.

For a long time, Maryborough’s railway station and Mark Twain’s historic visit were the town’s claim to fame, as was its rich and storied gold rush history which dates back to the 1850s. But over the last few decades and particularly last few years, this beautiful sleepy township has become a popular place to buy, rent, and invest.

Located 58km north of Ballarat, and with Avoca to the west and Dunolly to the north, Maryborough is defined by its stunning historic buildings and picturesque parklands and reserves, with the area also made up of tight-knit locals who have been inhabiting the town for generations.

“Maryborough is such a wonderful place to live. It has a genuine community feel where everyone truly knows and supports each other,” said Lynelle Trickey, Senior Property Manager at Barry Plant Maryborough, who was born and bred in the town. “It is the perfect place for families thanks to this genuine and welcoming community, while it’s still relatively affordable for first time buyers who can pick up a modern or period home at a great price!”

Aside from the charming streets which are lined with a blend of classic and contemporary residences, Maryborough also boasts a delightful main shopping hub on High Street, which features restaurants for relaxed sit down meals or a quick take-away dinner, specialty shops, and of course the striking and historic Bull and Mouth Hotel.

The town also has a range of scenic wonders, from the Goldfields Reservoir with picnic area and nature playground, to Lake Victoria, Settling Pond Track picnic area, and Bristol Hill Lookout which gives you memorable views out over the town and gorgeous bushland. Access to excellent schools and of course, the iconic Maryborough Station (with V/Line services), is just the icing on the cake.

“Those that bought in the area truly enjoy that old town feel where everyone knows each other,” said Adam Henderson, Licenced Estate Agent at Barry Plant Maryborough who has been selling properties in the town for years. “And while it does have that charming period and small town feel, there is still plenty of growth within the town when it comes amenities to meet today’s needs.”

Maryborough’s growing popularity is also reflected in the numbers. In February 2018, the median house price in Maryborough was $201,000. The current median home price in Maryborough (February 2023) sits at $385,000, which is almost double. Unit prices have also significantly risen, as have rentals numbers.

“Maryborough is also a great place to invest in at the moment with excellent rental returns,” notes Lynelle Trickey. “We have up to 40 people registering for rental inspections for properties we list in the town, so there is a definite demand there for people wanting to live in Maryborough, which is no surprise.”

General interest
24 February 2023
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