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Executive Assistant to Shane Finch


Proactive and a problem-solver, Cole delves into the real estate industry equipped with her unique skills and a passion for learning.

Cole brings her passion for learning and dynamic personality to her role in the Barry Plant Ballarat team, working closely as an Executive Assistant to Shane Finch. Cole understands how effective communication and continuous learning are crucial to success as she embarks on a new industry.

Cole is in charge of reporting, database management, administration and overall ensures that all our clients receive the highest level of service and communication. She makes sure everything is organised and up-to-date to ensure a smooth and steady workflow. Her adaptability, problem-solving skills and proactiveness are key traits that set her apart.

Aspiring to pursue a career in real estate, she sees her role as a strategic investment in the future, aligning her skills and interests with an industry poised for growth and endless opportunity and has quickly become an integral part of the Barry Plant Ballarat team.

Outside work, Cole enjoys football and gaming as a means of relaxation and a source of inspiration and creativity in her day-to-day.

Primary Location

Barry Plant

03 5461 4683

Local offices

Barry Plant

03 5320 9300