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Fuelled by the desire to attain outstanding results, Zolton emerges as a dynamic individual not only armed with a fresh perspective but also with an ambition to create long enduring relationships.

Growing up in a small town allowed Zolton to develop a deep understanding of the importance of reputation, customer service and interpersonal skills. His upbringing instilled in him the values of trust and reliability, shaping his character in a way that positions him as a professional. 

Zolton realized that Real Estate was his true calling when he witnessed the sheer happiness and pride that his father had upon acquiring his first property. In that moment, it became abundantly clear that he too, aspired to contribute to such moments of accomplishment for others. 

Drawing on a history in hospitality, Zolton has honed a finely tuned set of skills that seamlessly translates into the Real Estate industry. His journey from hospitality to Real Estate is characterised by a dedication to excellence, an unparalleled work ethic, and a commitment to not just meeting but exceeding all expectations. 

Primary Location

Barry Plant

03 9707 1400

Local offices

Barry Plant

03 5941 1977

Barry Plant

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