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10 insights into the investment property market

As the year draws to a close its good to reflect on the property market for investors. Although there have been some challenges there are also some real positives for investors.

Bushfire information

What you need to know this summer season

What does warmer weather mean for your property?

There is no doubt that as seasons change so do the nature of requests from renters.

What is an insurance limit and sub-limit?

Just what do they mean and why should you care?

Legislative update

One of the changes to the Residential Tenancies Act in 2021 was the introduction of section 330A, what is reasonable and proportionate?

The ingredients that make a good sales agent

Sales is often seen as the glamour role in the real estate industry. We all know sales agents who make big bucks, drive a prestige car and are cult personalities within the industry and the suburbs they operate in. But for every megastar there are hundreds of successful agents who are thriving on the challenges of a sales role, making a decent income and happily driven by a passion for getting the best result for the people they sell property for. Without that last one, you won’t succeed.

Construction costs and inflation - the impact on insurance

We all know factors like vacancy rates, rent prices, interest rates and other trends directly impact the investment property market.

Mandatory Rental disclosure for Residential Rental providers

The Victorian Government introduced the greatest rental reforms in over 20 years, back in March 2021.

Rental property tax deductions you can claim

There are an abundance of rental property tax deductions available for property investors. Claiming these deductions will lower your taxable income and boost cash flow.

Grants and Incentives for first-home buyers

So, you’re ready to buy your first home. Congratulations!

A quality property attracts a quality Renter

For most investors attracting a quality renter is a top priority.

Legal standard for electrical switchboards in rented properties

Requirements for upgrades to rental properties continue to roll out on the back of the big legislative shake up introduced by the Victorian government in March 2021.

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