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Portfolio Manager

Imigen is a dynamic property manager who brings both energy and extensive experience to every real estate transaction.

She has immersed herself in the property business for years, cultivating a profound understanding of the market, particularly in the vibrant North Melbourne area. Imigen has a keen insight into trends, property values, and neighbourhoods, making her a valuable asset in the Real Estate industry.

Personable and highly professional, Imigen prioritizes the needs of her clients, demonstrating a commitment to achieving the best results for their circumstances. Known for her understanding and compassionate approach, Imigen has earned a reputation for navigating the needs of all parties involved with care and diligence.

Imigen's communication style is characterized by its down-to-earth and open nature. She firmly believes in the importance of transparency throughout the Real Estate process, ensuring that both property owners and purchasers are well-informed at every stage. Imigen goes the extra mile by providing regular updates and feedback, fostering a sense of confidence and trust among her clients.

Primary Location

Barry Plant

03 9388 8820

Local offices

Barry Plant

03 9350 1155