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Property Manager

Bharat is a passionate, energetic and motivated property manager who has an unwavering dedication to both rental providers and renters.

A charismatic individual with a passion for helping clients navigate the dynamic real estate market, he brings a wealth of knowledge and a commitment to delivering results. Bharat prides himself on staying ahead of market trends and utilizing cutting-edge technology to ensure a seamless and efficient experience for his clients. He believes that a harmonious relationship between property owners and renters is the cornerstone of successful property management. 

As a property manager, Bharat’s vision is to elevate the standards of property management excellence. He’s excited about the prospect of contributing his skills and expertise to Barry Plant Docklands, fostering a culture of excellence and driving positive outcomes.

With a Masters degree in Project Management, Bharat is well-versed in Stakeholder management, contract negotiations and conflict resolution.

In quieter times, he is a passionate cricket follower who also enjoys playing sports on the weekend.

Primary Location

Barry Plant
Yarra's Edge

03 9020 9380

Local offices

Barry Plant

03 9936 9999