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Big numbers confirm pent-up demand

Real estate & property news
03 October 2020
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The decision by the Victorian State Government last weekend to ease the restrictions on property inspections certainly had an immediate impact on the property market in the Bayside suburbs.

The pent-up desire among buyers and tenants to get out and physically inspect properties before making decisions about their next home produced a flood of phone calls to our team throughout the week, which is exactly the news that vendors and landlords have been hoping for. In fact, our sales team has taken close to 230 buyer enquiries and completed over 200 individual property inspections since Monday!

Of course, there are a number of safety measures that apply to every property inspection in order to keep everyone safe. Here’s the key points that you need to be aware of:

  • Each property inspection is limited to one agent and one buyer at a time, and can take no longer than 15 minutes. The buyer may be accompanied by a partner, provided they live in the same place, along with children under 18 years of age.
  • Anyone currently living in the property must leave it during the inspection, and only for one of the permitted reasons, (such as shopping for essentials, exercise, etc).
  • Buyers and tenants must use hand sanitiser before entering the property, face masks must be worn at all times and they can’t make contact with any surface inside the property. The agent will open cupboards or doors as required.
  • The agent must disinfect any surface that they have touched during the inspection.
  • The agent will also keep a record of each inspection, including the contact details of everyone who attended.

The sharp increase in activity this week has confirmed that the Spring property market of 2020 is now officially up and rolling. It seems to us that given the pent-up demand that has been building for the past few months, and the limited time available for buyers to act before the end of the year, we are likely to see a very competitive property market over the next month or two, which is likely to produce some excellent sales results around the City of Frankston and beyond.

The key message for bayside residents who have been waiting for the opportunity to make a move is that there’s no room for delays. One look at the calendar will tell you that there are probably only nine weeks of prime selling conditions remaining before the looming approach of the end of the year begins to make an impact. in the year. So now is the time to set a carefully planned campaign in place to ensure that you maximise your sales result.

If you don’t want to miss the opportunity, the first step is to get an updated appraisal to confirm what your property could achieve in the current conditions, so make sure you get in touch with the team at Barry Plant Plant Frankston this week on 9781 3100.


Barry Plant Real Estate

Frankston & Cranbourne

Real estate & property news
03 October 2020
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