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Buyers already active in new year market

Real estate & property news
07 January 2023
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They say that a new year brings new opportunities, so we are pleased to bring you our first Update of 2023 with the news that we are already seeing signs of buyer activity in the City of Hume, even though there are quite a few Melbourne residents who are probably still in ‘holiday mode’.

In fact, from the moment our doors reopened on Tuesday, we were getting calls and email enquiries from buyers keen to view properties for sale. That’s a very positive sign for anyone considering making a move in the near future.

Importantly, we have seen some of these enquiries producing some great results for happy clients. One of these involved our first sale for the new year when we saw the SOLD sign go up on a very accommodating single-storey home in Marmal Court, Tullamarine (pictured).

This particular home had plenty to offer local families keen to upgrade, with five bedrooms and a study on offer. Situated in a quiet court a short walk from the training centre of the Essendon Football Club, this was a home that provided a comfortable lifestyle as is, but enormous potential for future upgrades as well. Whilst this property had been slated for auction in 2023, an early sale during the week produced a very pleasing result at $880,000.

As we mentioned above, activity like this is a positive indicator for anyone considering selling before the year gets too old, particularly when you remember that we are likely to experience a continuance of the shortage of properties for sale that supported property prices for much of last year.

Thus, if you would like an update on what your property could achieve in today’s market, or you are simply curious about the outlook for the coming year, our team at Barry Plant Gladstone Park are ready and able to assist. Feel free to give us a call on 9330 1088.


Nick Pugliese - Sales Manager

and Bill Karp - Director

Barry Plant Real Estate

Gladstone Park

Real estate & property news
07 January 2023
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