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City of Hume continues to attract buyers

Real estate & property news
11 May 2024
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One of things we have learned over many years of successfully assisting the homeowners in The City of Hume with their real estate plans is that there are no ‘one size fits all’ solutions.

Every situation is different, just as every property we sell has its own specific characteristics and every vendor has their own goals and preferences.

You’ve only got to look at some of our recent sales results to see this in action.

Our auction this weekend of a potential-filled four-bedroom home in Claredale Avenue, Gladstone Park showed how important location can be in the sales process. This property enjoyed direct access to Carrick Reserve, meaning the Moonee Ponds Creek was just a stroll through the park away. Add in easy access to schools and Gladstone Park Shopping Centre, and it wasn’t hard to see why this home attracted good interest from a variety of young families.

A competitive auction (pictured) between three bidders saw this property sold under the hammer for just over the $700,000-mark, more than $40,000 above our happy vendor’s expectations.

Meanwhile, over in Nelson Close, Greenvale, (a quiet cul-de-sac abutting the Greenvale Drive Linear Trail), a four-bedroom home took a slightly less concentrated approach to its marketing, but still achieved a very pleasing sales result during the week.

Convenience was also a factor here, with buses at the end of the court and Greenvale Shopping Centre nearby, but this property generated more interest from older families and keen gardeners. The important thing for local property owners to realise is that Competitive interest from multiple buyers can be generated in a number of different ways.

The key element in any decision about the best way to market your property comes down to which approach will best suit your individual goals and priorities.

So if you are currently thinking about making a move in the City of Hume, and would like some experienced and objective advice on the “who, how and when” of selling, why not give our team at Barry Plant Gladstone Park a call this week on 9330 1088.


Bill Karp - Director

Barry Plant Real Estate

Gladstone Park

Real estate & property news
11 May 2024
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