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A few Easter tips to help your property stand out

Real estate & property news
13 April 2019
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With the milder Autumn weather now making tackling a few tasks in the garden a bit easier, and the coming Easter weekend providing an extended break, local home have an ideal opportunity to get your garden looking terrific…whether you are planning a sale in coming months, or you just simply want to prepare your garden for the coming Winter.

With this mind, I thought I’d share a few timely tips on the most productive tasks to tackle this Easter.

Give your lawn a feed

The usual advice on lawns is that they should be fertilised twice a year to keep them looking green and healthy all year round. Feeding your lawn in Autumn will help protect it through the coming winter.

Mulch your garden beds

We all know that mulching your garden is a good idea, but mulch really is your garden’s best friend. Mulching your garden beds will restrict weed growth and help your soil retain moisture next Summer. Mulch also breaks down over time, adding nutrients to your soil.

Consider planting bulbs

If you’d like to add a splash of colour to your garden in time for a Spring sale, planting bulbs in Autumn is a great way to achieve that. Bulbs can add an amazing array of colours which can make a big first impression on buyers and are fairly easy to grow if the planned location gets reasonable sunlight.

How about some fruit trees?

Autumn is also a good time to plant fruit trees. Hopefully you have a spot that offers full sun, decent drainage and room to expand. However, if space is tight there are lots of varieties nowadays that are designed to grow along fences or in smaller spaces.

Give your trees a trim

There are lots of different reasons to prune trees. Not only can you improve the overall appearance and health of your trees, but you can also clear away dying or dead branches and promote growth in some species (like the fruit trees we mentioned above).

Pre-sale preparations

If you are planning on getting into the garden this Easter in preparation for a sales campaign, it’s important that you get experienced objective advice on what the buyers might be looking for, and what they’re not looking for. So before you waste time or money on fine-tuning your home, why not give us a call at Barry Plant Gladstone Park on 03 9330 1088.

Real estate & property news
13 April 2019
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