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First home market looking positive

Real estate & property news
29 June 2024
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With so much talk in recent months about the challenges that first home buyers are currently facing, it’s interesting to note that our team at Barry Plant Gladstone Park currently have a number of exciting opportunities that have enormous appeal for market entrants.

In fact, when we looked closely at our listings this week during a review, it was noted that a smart first home buyer probably has a selection of different properties in the City of Hume in front of them that is as good as we have seen for quite some time!

Here’s a look at some of possibilities that are available this week:

So there you go…if you or someone you know is looking to get their foot in the door of the property market in this ever-popular pocket of Melbourne, the options are there (if you’re quick).

If you need any information on any of these properties, or just some help gaining an edge in today’s competitive market, don’t hesitate to give one of the team at Barry Plant Gladstone Park a call during the week on 9330 1088.

Best wishes,

Bill Karp - Director

Barry Plant Real Estate

Gladstone Park

Real estate & property news
29 June 2024
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