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Get set for an extended ‘Spring market’

Real estate & property news
28 November 2020
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If the strong buyer activity levels we’ve been dealing with in recent weeks are any indication, it seems we are in for an extended ‘Spring market’ as we head into December.

In fact, based on the pent-up buyer demand that is still yet to be satisfied, I’m expecting the property market in the City of Hume to be busy right up until Christmas, and to hit the ground running straight after the new year as well.

Make no mistake, if you are considering selling the opportunity is certainly there to achieve an outstanding sale over the coming Summer. Here’s a cross-section of some of our recent results:

Ascot Vale: 99B Charles Street – Sold for $1.6million

Attwood: 40 Threadneedle Street (pictured) – Sold for $1 million

Gladstone Park: 57 Woodstock Drive – Sold for $665,000

Greenvale: 10 Burnley Court – Sold for $650,000

Greenvale: 32 Motherwell Avenue – Sold for $883,000

Greenvale: 85 Frontier Avenue – Sold for $900,000

Greenvale: 124 Greenvale Drive – Sold for $955,000

Mickleham: 25 Meaford Street – Sold undisclosed

North Melbourne: 7/61 Haines Street – Sold for $445,000

Tullamarine: 1-3/9 Malvern Avenue – Sold undisclosed

Westmeadows: 9/185-195 Johnstone Street – Sold for $515,000

Westmeadows: 4/47-49 Hillcrest Drive – Sold $580,000

One key piece of advice I would give anyone who is considering selling over the next couple of months is that a little preparation now can save you a lot of heartache down the track. For example, getting your vendor’s statement done now, (before your conveyancer closes up for the holiday season), can save you a lot of time. Similarly, getting your property photographed while everything is green and lush is often a better option than waiting until January when things will have dried out and browned off a bit.

Of course, if you would like some specific advice on maximizing your property’s appeal, the team at Barry Plant Gladstone Park would be only too happy to help, so feel free to give us a call this week on 9330 1088.


Nick Pugliese – Director

Barry Plant Real Estate

Gladstone Park

Real estate & property news
28 November 2020
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