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Million-dollar market showing strength

Real estate & property news
28 September 2019
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While Melbourne residents are busy congratulating all those happy Richmond supporters, (and collectively looking forward to next season with the usual optimism), it’s worth noting that the Spring property market in the City of Hume has reached a crucial point. If you take a look at your calendar today you will realise that there are now just nine weeks left in Spring, and that’s a very important number if you are planning on making a move in 2019.

The good news is that the property market is now positioned for a distraction-free run through to the end of the year, (apart from a horse race or two of course). Furthermore, the local market is showing real strength from the first home buyer market right through to the million-dollar-plus market, where we have achieved some outstanding results recently. The mid-week sale of a striking prestige home in Linlithgow Way, Greenvale (pictured) was just one recent example of this.

There are several reasons why you should be feeling positive if you are considering a sale right now. They include:

  • Interest rates are at record lows and many economists are talking about the potential for even more cuts in the near future, making this a great time to take out a new home loan.
  • October and November are the ideal time for families to buy if you want to settle during school holidays – less disruption and an easier transfer between schools if required.
  • There’s plenty of pent-up demand right now from frustrated buyers who have been missing out in highly competitive auctions and are keen to buy as soon as possible.
  • In fact, our team at Barry Plant Gladstone Park has been able to achieve a 100% Auction success rate for our vendors on multiple recent weekends, with several properties selling well above the ecstatic vendors’ reserves.
  • Finally, Daylight Savings starts next weekend. That means even more opportunities for buyers to go house hunting during the week, increasing your chances of a quick sale.

So if you need any help, whether that means getting the right trades and services in to assist you, or simply fine tuning your planning to get your timing absolutely right, then don’t hesitate to contact our team on 9330 1088. We are always happy to help.


Nick Pugliese – Director

Barry Plant Real Estate

Gladstone Park

Real estate & property news
28 September 2019
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