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Sales Consultant & Auctioneer

James has developed a strong foundation in navigating the dynamic and ever-changing market. His work history includes a focus on building lasting relationships with clients, creating memorable experiences, and consistently delivering quality service. What sets James apart is not only his negotiation skills and efficient process management but also his commitment to clear communication throughout the real estate journey.

Having roots in the area through family ties has provided James with a unique understanding of the community. Growing up surrounded by these neighbourhoods and having close relatives residing here, James appreciates the local amenities and the strong sense of community. When it comes to real estate, his interest was sparked by the opportunity to meet new people regularly and the ever-changing nature of the industry. For James, real estate isn't just about transactions; it's about building connections, creating memories with clients, and forming lasting friendships.

If you were to inquire about James from a client's perspective, you might hear words like diligent, approachable, skilled, and passionate. His main strengths as a real estate agent lie in negotiation, efficient processes, excellent service, and clear communication. Outside of work, James maintains a down-to-earth and easy-going demeanour, which is reflective of how he perceives himself. His friends and family would describe James as friendly, and his personal interests include outdoor walks, gym workouts, and playing Futsal—a testament to his active and balanced lifestyle. His aim is continuous learning and personal growth, aspiring to be a better person each day.

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