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The countdown has already begun

Real estate & property news
30 September 2017
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Firstly, let me begin this week’s Update with my congratulations to all those Richmond supporters who are currently celebrating a memorable win. The good news for the Crows among us is that you can look forward to next season with a great deal of confidence. Speaking of seasons, it’s fair to say that many Melbourne residents will probably feel like Spring has only just begun...

After all, it was only a few weeks ago that we were shivering as we got out of bed each morning, right? However, if you’re considering making a move in the property market this year, you need to be looking forward not backward. In fact, if you take a look at your calendar you’ll realise that there are now just

8 WEEKENDS LEFT IN SPRING…and that’s a very important number if you want to sell this year. With the Grand Final and school holidays now behind us, the property market looks set for a relatively distraction-free run to the end of the year, (apart from a horse race or two of course).

So, here’s a quick summary of where the current market sits: Of course, by selling in the next two months, you will be ideally placed to settle during the January holiday period – a more relaxed move and an easier transfer between schools (if required).

If your plans include selling in 2017, there really is a limited window of opportunity for you to achieve this goal. So, if you need any help in getting your property ‘market-ready’, or you want some experienced advice on how to get your timing absolutely right, don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance. We are always happy to help.

  • Right now, there are far more buyers than there are homes available;
  • This is producing strong competition between buyers, and pushing prices up;
  • The Barry Plant team in Moonee Valley, along with many of our colleagues in the Barry Plant network, have been achieving weekly auction success rates as high as 100% recently;
  • Some vendors have been exceeding their reserve prices by 10 to 20%, sometimes more;
  • Daylight Savings starts this week, giving buyers even more opportunities to go house-hunting; and
  • Most commentators are not expecting any interest rate increases until next year, making this an ideal time to sell.
Real estate & property news
30 September 2017
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