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Ben Dang is known to be cool, calm and collected as well as upfront and honest.

Driven by a desire for absolute excellence, Ben has a diverse range of experience working in the Inner West, Eastern Suburbs, and the last 5 years in the Springvale & Greater Dandenong area, giving him valuable insight into a wide range of clients and their property needs. His strategy for success is to consistently stay in touch with his clients through calls and face-to-face meetings, ensuring that he is always available and responsive. He believes that the best part of working for a real estate agency is meeting people from all walks of life, understanding their needs and negotiating a desirable result for a win/win outcome.

In addition to his dedication to customer service and rapport-building, Ben also has a keen eye for marketing and a strategic approach to selling properties. He understands that achieving the best price for each property is crucial for his clients, and he has the marketing skills and ability to achieve this. With a deep knowledge of the local market and receiving a Bachelor of Property degree at the University of Auckland, Ben is able to develop effective marketing strategies that highlight the unique features and benefits of each property he sells, resulting in higher prices and faster sales.

Outside of work, Ben enjoys traveling overseas and interstates, exploring different cultures, hiking, fishing, and going to sporting events. He believes that the people you meet from all walks of life through your hobbies and interests can be interrelated to your career. Ben values the support and encouragement of his family, considering them an integral part of his life and career journey.

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