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Sales Associate to Rebecca O'Brien

With a deep passion for people and properties, Ismat is a dedicated and experienced real estate agent committed to providing exceptional service to clients looking to buy or sell their property Possessing a comprehensive knowledge of the local real estate market, he thrives on guiding individuals and families throughout their real estate journey, making the entire process seamless and rewarding.

With a constant finger on the pulse of the market, Ismat consistently stays updated with the latest trends, prices, and regulations to ensure his clients receive accurate and informed advice.

Ismat’s top priority is always the satisfaction, happiness, and success of his clients, he puts their best interest at the forefront of every decision and negotiation. Whether it’s finding their dream home or securing the best price for a property sale, Ismat goes above and beyond to deliver tailor-made solutions to meet your every requirement.

Ismat is committed to continuously advancing his skills and knowledge in the real estate industry to better serve his clients. By attending regular professional development courses and staying up to date with the latest industry resources, to ensure that he is equipped with the most relevant and cutting-edge information.

As a real estate agent, Ismat takes great pride in making his client’s dream a reality, he is confident in his ability to navigate the complex real estate market successfully.

Trust Ismat to be your dedicated partner in your real estate journey, and embark on an exciting journey together!

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