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More interest rate cuts to come?

As you may have seen in one of the posts on our facebook page during the week, there are a growing number of economic forecasters who are tipping that we could see further cuts to official interest rates by the Reserve Bank. Indeed, some are suggesting that the RBA could make a move as early as its first meeting of 2020, which is due in the first week of February.

One of the key indicators of future movements in official interest rates is the Australian Interbank Futures market, which is where the financial markets trade based on their expectations of future economic activity. Up until late December this market was indicating that there was a 40% chance of a cut to official interest rates in February. However, after the impact of the Australian bushfires along with the global uncertainty brought on by increased tensions in the middle east, the likelihood of a rate cut increased to around 65% during the past week.

Another indication of the likelihood of a February rate cut came in Bloomberg’s monthly survey of economists in December. This regular ‘checking of the pulse’ of financial forecasters surveyed 22 economists around the country, with 18 of them predicting that the RBA would cut Australia’s cash rate to 0.5 per cent next month.

Of course, it is important to remember that any further cuts to official interest rates are unlikely to have a major impact on the local property market, with most home buyers seemingly taking the fact for granted that the cost of their home loan is at record lows and likely to remain there for quite some time to come.

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Con Constantinou

Barry Plant Thomastown