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Property Manager


Meet Alissa Purdie, your go-to Property Manager for Heathmont, Ringwood, and the surrounding areas.

With a genuine passion for real estate and years of hands-on experience, Alissa isn't just about managing properties; she's all about creating meaningful connections and ensuring every client feels valued.

When it comes to your property, Alissa takes a hands-on approach, handling everything from tenant inquiries to maintenance with a keen eye for detail. Her goal? To make sure your investment not only runs smoothly but thrives in the competitive rental market.

What truly sets Alissa apart is her dedication to building relationships. She's not just here to manage properties; she's here to be your trusted partner every step of the way, offering personalized service and transparent communication to ensure your peace of mind.

Primary Location

Barry Plant
Ringwood & Heathmont

03 9870 5555

Local offices

Barry Plant
Heathmont & Ringwood

03 9722 7166