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Property Investment Manager

Immensely experienced in sales and leasing, Brian Jeon brings a unique skillset to the Barry Plant Eastern Group’s property management department and offers a comprehensive level of service and advice to clients.

Having successfully worked in real estate sales for three years before heading into property management in 2019, Brian is a valuable resource to landlords looking to capitalise on their investment whilst also proving helpful to new property investors seeking reliable tenants and market advice.

Leveraging from his excellent people skills, approachable demeanour and genuine character, Brian quickly builds a rapport with clients and establishes long-lasting relationships underpinned by his expert market knowledge, integrity and dedication to exceeding his clients’ expectations.

With a genuine enjoyment of constantly meeting new people, Brian thrives on assisting clients with their property goals and delivering a positive customer service experience hallmarked by his diligent work ethic and professionalism.

A father of three, Brian’s life is certainly fast paced, but thanks to his impeccable time management and organisational skills, he’s able to successfully balance quality family time with his passion for gardening and landscaping projects.

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Barry Plant

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