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A unique way to get the best price for your home.

<p data-block-key="8e3nm">Sale by SET DATE® is an exciting sale method - exclusive to Barry Plant offices. It combines the best aspects of the sale methods of Auction, Private Sale and Tender. It’s a method that creates the same sense of urgency and competition in buyers that an Auction campaign does but, unlike an Auction, there is no public bidding process.</p><p data-block-key="dug1v">A property that is for Sale by SET DATE® is normally marketed over a four week period, with a strong marketing campaign to attract the maximum number of buyers. The property is advertised with a set date deadline for the conclusion of the sale, in order to motivate potential buyers.</p><p data-block-key="3dsxa">Buyers are actively encouraged to submit their best offers before the deadline. When an offer is received that is in a range that you (the seller) are prepared to consider - then buyers who have pre-registered their interest in your property are contacted and given 24 hours to submit their best offer in an attempt to win the property.</p><p data-block-key="zzv33">Buyers do not know the details of competing offers. All they know is that this is their last chance to purchase the property; so they will have to submit their very best offer to secure the property. Therefore the buyer’s focus is on how much they believe the property is worth and how much they are prepared to pay to secure the property - not what someone else is prepared to pay or how much they have to beat. The difference in offers can be staggering when buyers are paying their real price.</p><p data-block-key="0cnab">Sale by SET DATE® delivers a less stressful sale in a shorter period of time, obtaining the best possible price the market is prepared to pay.</p>


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