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Wishtober is back!

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16 September 2022
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Offices across the entire Barry Plant network are geared up for the most important month of the year – Wishtober.

October is the month when each of the group’s offices contributes a percentage of the commissions earned on every property sold to Make-A-Wish Australia – a wonderful organisation that works to make inspirational wishes come true for children and teens who are fighting a critical illness.

Last year, because of lockdowns, we had to hold over our fundraising until November - but it was worth it as we raised $119,260 bringing the total of the funds Barry Plant has raised for Make-A-Wish to $862,655.

This year, the face of our campaign is Noah, a beautiful little boy, who at nine years of age was diagnosed with stage 4 advanced cancer with multiple tumours across his body. One tumour had taken up to three-quarters of his chest.

While he was undergoing treatment, Noah applied for a wish and, after much deliberation, decided that he wanted a dachshund puppy to be his best friend and sit on his lap when he came home for good.

Samantha, Noah’s mother, said “when we got the photo of the puppy, Noah just cried tears of happiness. I have never seen my son cry of happiness. I didn’t think kids that little were able to be that emotional. He was like, ‘mum, I have tears in my eyes, and I just can't wait to meet him’.”

Noah received his wriggling bundle of puppy happiness when his wish was granted in July 2021 and named his new best friend George.

At Barry Plant we know how important wishes are in the lives of seriously ill children, but Noah’s mum sums it up best. “All the doom and gloom and negativity and then Make-A-Wish is a light at the end of the tunnel.”

To find out more, visit our Wishtober page >

Community Support
16 September 2022
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