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Renter Information


Below is some useful information for new or existing renters with Barry Plant Croydon.

Preparing for your tenancy.

To ensure you have the right expectations regarding the commencement of your tenancy we will take you through an induction.

Please note: Possession of the property will be granted once ALL of the following has been completed:

  • Rent - One month’s rent has been received by our agency.
  • Bond - The full bond payment has been received by our agency.
  • Tenancy start date - Your tenancy start date has been reached, as per your tenancy agreement.

To make your induction process as simple as possible, we ask you to observe the following important points:

Your appointment time

Please ensure you are on time for your appointment as the time you have been allocated for your tenancy induction has been specifically slotted amongst our other appointments, which are usually ‘back-to-back’.

This means if you are late, your induction time may have to be rescheduled to a much later time. If you believe you will be late, even by 10 minutes, please call us in advance.

Length of appointment

As we need to explain all your tenancy details thoroughly, please allocate at least 45 minutes for your tenancy induction.

All renters to attend appointment

All renters on the lease need to be present for tenancy induction e.g. any adult who has signed the lease. If there are extenuating circumstances and a renter cannot attend please call us to advise at least 24 hours before the appointment.

"No cash policy"

Barry Plant offices have a “No cash policy”, and therefore they may be unable to accept cash without prior arrangement.

Original ID must be sighted

Please ensure that you bring along your original (not scanned or photocopied) identification that accompanied your Tenancy Application Form to this appointment, as these original documents must be personally sited by our office prior to signing leases.

Bank Cheques / Money Orders for Bond

Bond cheques must be made out to: Residential Tenancies Bond Authority (Bond monies are not held by us, but by the Bond Authority).

Connection of utilities.

You will be responsible for charges in respect of the re-connection and consumption of water, electricity, gas and telephone where the rented premises are separately metered for these services. Please contact your preferred suppliers to arrange connection for utilities such as Electricity, Gas, Telephone, Water usage, Pay TV, and Renter's contents insurance.

Zero tolerance rent arrears policy.

As a renter, your responsibility is to pay the whole amount of the rent that is due on a specific day each month. Please refer to your tenancy agreement for the details of the payment due and the relevant date.

All Barry Plant offices have a zero-tolerance policy on rental arrears. You may be served with a notice to vacate if you fall into arrears and have failed to make contact with your property manager.

Timeline on what will happen should you fall into arrears.

1ST DAY - we will send you an SMS / email to remind you that you have missed your rent due date.

3RD DAY - An email will be sent to all renters, reminding you that you are in arrears. This is a formal notification that you have breached your tenancy agreement. Regardless of the circumstances, this letter will be issued on the 3rd day as we have a professional obligation to the owner. Please note that the owner will be advised of your late payment.

5TH DAY - You will be reminded of the seriousness of your late payment and the obligations you have to pay your rent on time. The owner will be updated as to the situation.

7TH DAY – A further email will be sent to all renters prompting rental payment, at this point, we will be seeking instructions from the Owner to
issue a Notice to Vacate for rental arrears, which seriously affects your long term rental history, not only with our office but all agencies.

9TH DAY– Reminder SMS to all renters and further update to the Owner.

11TH DAY - This is the final reminder that you are approaching 14 days in arrears.

You will now be given 48 hours to pay your rent to avoid Notice to Vacate being issued, usually without further notice.

14 DAYS IN ARREARS - A Notice to Vacate may be issued, followed by an application to the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal for possession of the premises and immediate termination of your lease. You will be in breach of the lease agreement and will be required to make payment of all arrears, plus legal fees and all other costs associated with re-leasing the property.

In accordance with the Residential Tenancies Act, all defaulting renters will be listed on the National Tenancies Database or TICA database. This history will be available to all other Agencies and private landlords for up to 7 years, or until all payments have been settled.

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