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Choosing the right marketing strategy

Home sellers
20 July 2019
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The official start of the Spring market is getting closer, so quite a few homeowners in the City of Hume will be starting to prepare their property for sale. One of the key questions many of them will be asking is how to choose the most suitable marketing strategy for their property..

Here at Barry Plant Gladstone Park we know that there is no “one size fits all” answer to choosing the right marketing strategy, as the decision will depend on your own personal preferences, your planned timeline, and what style of campaign you are comfortable with.

We offer real choice in marketing strategy

In years gone by, many real estate agents only offered two real options when selling your property…an auction or some form of private sale. Each method has its “pros and cons”, depending on what type of property you own, the area you live in, your preferred timeline and how the local market is performing at the time.

However, the team at Barry Plant Gladstone Park offers a real choice in marketing strategy for your property. Not only can we utilise a private sale, sale by negotiation or an auction, but we also offer an additional marketing strategy which is unique to the Barry Plant network, called Sale by SET DATE®.

What is Sale by SET DATE®?

This innovate marketing strategy combines the sense of urgency and competition between buyers of an auction campaign, but it’s a more private process. The property is advertised over several weeks with a published deadline, but buyers can submit offers well before the deadline, just like a private sale, and the vendors can decide to sell the property at any time during the campaign.

If an early offer is made that is acceptable to the vendor, all registered buyers are then contacted and informed that the property is on the market and will be sold. Those registered buyers then have 24 hours to submit their final and best offers on a Contract of Sale which is placed in a sealed envelope. Offers are never be disclosed to other buyers. The vendor then has the opportunity to select the best offer and complete the sale.

This marketing strategy has proven very effective in several sales this year, including the recent sale of a charming 3-bedroom home at 9 Pyke Drive in Gladstone Park. Backing onto Jack Ginifer Reserve and right around the corner from Gladstone Views Primary School, this property attracted the interest of several first home buyers who appreciated its comfortable condition as well as the potential for future upgrades. So strong was the interest that the sale was completed more than a week prior to the initial deadline for offers to close.

The important thing to remember when deciding on the right marketing strategy for your own property is making sure you choose one that suits you, your circumstances, your property and your priorities. If you’d like to discuss your options, don’t hesitate to give one of our experienced team members a call on 03 9330 1088.

Home sellers
20 July 2019
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